Friday, 24 May 2019

Rec Bishop - Down on Fosse Way Farm

RBingham - Exploring Underground and In The Dark

Exploring Underground and In The Dark

What a busy week finding out about animals which live underground and in the dark. We used information books to find interesting facts about foxes, owls, badgers and hedgehogs.
 Did you know that hedgehogs can swim?

Our role play is a 'dark den' - it's very exciting to be in the dark and use torches to see each other!

We have been making silhouettes of nocturnal animals. 

We made obstacle courses for our friends to travel along, but we had to guide them because they were 'in the dark' (wearing a blindfold!).

We have also been making our own dens outside, playing a 'guess my shape' game, programming Beebots and exploring shiny trophies and medals with torches.

We have been partitioning numbers, and then used the IPad and Skitch to record our work.

Some of us worked with Mrs B in the allotment. We also looked at lifecycles too! 

Let's hope the sunshine continues into half term...
enjoy your week!

RBingham - Digital Leaders

Digital Leaders

We would like to thank our Digital Leaders, who came to talk to us about keeping safe on the internet.

They read us a story and asked us lots of questions!

Monday, 20 May 2019


We have been using balancing scales to try and weigh the animals.

We knew we needed to add the chickpeas slowly and that the buckets needed to balance.

We love being outdoors!

In Nursery, we love it when the sun comes out!

This week we have been on the new climbing equipment, played in the water and used diggers in the sand.